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CWA Associates may be engaged to undertake a very wide range of consulting work. The Executive Team will advise clients on available Consultants - from our Associate Portfolio or will seek and find specific skilled resources to fit requirements when something special or different is needed. We will undertake to engage and supervise consulting resources when projects demand this. The How we work section of the website will help visitors understand the CWA way of making sure the clients needs are at the centre of our work.

Consulting work already undertaken by Associates who have worked with Founding Partner Professor Alan Barrell has involved major Corporations, Institutions,and smaller high growth. The list includes :-

  • Nokia
  • Bank of China
  • Philips Research
  • Baxter Healthcare
  • Willett International Ltd
  • Cambridge Gateway Fund
  • National Health Service (NHS)
  • Technology Strategy Board
  • Greater Cambridge Partnership
  • Library House Ltd
  • Bahrain Development Bank
  • Sinopharm (China) Anaxys Ltd
  • Probe Scientific Ltd
  • Chongqing Bank ( China)
  • Anglia Ruskin University
  • University of Bedfordshire
  • Xiamen Municipality (China)
  • Nanping Government Office (China)
  • Youth Business China
  • Bactest Ltd
  • Laurea University of Applied Sciences
    Helsinki and Espoo (Finland)
  • Weigao Polymer Corporation (China)
  • Accelerator India Ltd
  • Duesto University - San Sebastian - Spain

The Cambridge Worldwide Network:

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